My friend I want to help you. I know you are not alright. I can feel that you are not happy and never been happy since before. Come read everything using your hearts these prayer that I am going to do right now. Remember that this is not my own doing alone. Jesus knows everything what's inside your hearts today. He is sad and crying seeing you alone in the dark suffered and nothing to run to.

He works mysteriously in silence to touch your hearts through His instruments or angels to feel you well and help you out of your prison cell of your own selves. Please listen to me: Are you tired with your life? It seems you are living in a circle, turning and turning around without any directions at all?

You live in this world full of sufferings, pains, miseries, troubles whole your lives. Are you wandering on this earth, full of confusions and so many questions why you have to suffer and others happy and live in luxury? Are you happy in the outside but inside your heart you are grieving for so many circumstances? Are you living in poverty since your birth until now with your family.

Are you in an instance that it is hard for you to give forgiveness for others who have done wrong with you? Are you in a situation of planning and thinking of vengeance to people who had hurt you? Are you also in a situation facing trials and tests in your lives. Friends, we have so many different concerns in our lives.

We have so many questions and circumstances that really needs help and healing at this very minute. All we want is happiness and peace of mind and live in a peaceful environment and have everything that we need. Just like living in paradise. Yes we can obtain it here on earth. Believe that there is heaven here on earth. Please pray with me with this Miracle Prayer and your lives will change forever.
Just believe and it will happen to you. But before we will proceed. Please be on yourselves alone. Fill your hearts with full of sincerity and humility to Jesus. Accept Him that He is your Savior and have faith that after reading this prayer He will transform your whole being and your lives. This prayer is not a joke. Do it now friends. Be serious!

We are facing life and death right now! We don’t know what tomorrow brings to all of us. You are the one who can help yourselves by just accepting Jesus alone. Read this prayer using your hearts. If you are sincere and true, you can feel some warmth feeling while reading this, it touches your every nerves. It means Jesus power is working on you.

“My dear Jesus, You know me from head to toe. You have seen me everything that I did and will do in my future. I know I am guilty, I did so many things that against Your will. Lord, Jesus, I am so tired already. It seems I am living alone in this world full of miseries and pains and a lot of chaos. The devil is always dictating me what to do to harm myself and others.
Lord Jesus, You are the Only One whom can help me out of this mess of my life. Lord Jesus, I will accept You now as my Savior, my Conqueror, Protector, Teacher, Healer, Giver of all Gifts, and my everything. Lord Jesus, I am sorry for all my sins. I will promise not to do it again Lord. I will promise to do Your will beginning today until the last breath of my life.
Lord Jesus, Help me and take me out of this prisoner of myself and the world. Please bring me to a place where I can see and feel the true happiness that I never felt before. Please embrace me in Your arms Lord. I want to be loved by You. Please accept me in Your love. I want to live with You forever.
I will promise to tell everyone about Your love and power. I will spread Your Words and salvation to everyone in the whole world. These all I ask in Your Name dear Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Jesus’ Servant,