Removing Questionable Things From Your Zone

Repentance is the necessary gateway to life in Jesus. No one truly enters the family of God without it, though many pretend. The root of repentance means to change your mind. It all starts there. What has to change in our mind, initially, is our self-justification; the way we convince ourselves that we are “right” no matter what we do. We can’t go anywhere with God until we change our mind and agree with Him as He judges our actions and motivations.

Accepting God’s word  that sin is at work in us, poisoning our deepest personality, perverting even our good intentions, opens us to be changed into Christ’s image. This change comes over time through a series of surgeries. Each of these surgeries requires an “act of repentance” – some concrete, observable action by which we put to death another root of sin in our heart.

Repenting involves burning your bridges to a life of sin. Everything that connects you to the darkness has to go. Questionable movies, magazines and music get burned. You establish safeguards to keep you away from dark places on the internet. That relationship that tempts you to sensuality gets broken off. You quit the job that requires you to lie. You return the things that don’t belong to you and offer to pay for those you have lost. You clean up your “messes” without anyone needing to ask.

You might protest, “But this will cost me!!” Exactly. That’s why it works. Every quest should hurt. The pain you feel is in your evil nature. It will scream for some kind of compromise. Don’t give in. Kill the monster. Then you will be free. Repentance is your fire.

In repenting openly, we say to ourselves and to everyone who knows us, “I am now on God’s side no matter what it costs me.” As a disciple, repentance must become your lifestyle forever.

So, what do you have to do for now?


Within the next seven days do a progressive, fearless moral inventory of your life and your physical space.

Step One: Tomorrow morning, find a quiet place to pray (bring your book). Make a target list as the Holy Spirit shines His light on your world.

Target List: “After praying for God to help me know what in my physical and social world is connected to sin and displeasing to Him, this is what I can think of. By His power I will deal with each of them appropriately.”
3. to 15.

Step Two: Choose an accountability partner (someone you trust who will do the Quest with you) and share your list.

Step Three: Go to war! Gather as a group for a great bonfire of movies, magazines and music. Burn good luck charms or anything connected to idolatry or spiritism. Flush your drugs. Delete computer files. Return anything that doesn’t belong to you. Break off bad relationships. Obey whatever the Holy Spirit says to do. Don’t stop till it’s all gone.

Step Four: Share your inner experience with the group. Read your journal entry and your prayer. Don’t cry about your losses or feel sorry for yourself. Don’t feel proud either. Just rejoice in God’s grace at work in you, setting you free to be His own!



Humble Yourself  Before God and Man

Now that you’ve got your space clean, it’s time for a second, deeper step: PERSONAL REPENTANCE. This is where you face the people you have hurt, apologize to them sincerely, and try to fix it in some way.

In the Bible passage above Jesus enters the home of a wealthy, corrupt tax collector named Zacchaeus (we’ll call him Zack). Jesus speaks to him about becoming right with God. Without needing to be instructed, Zack’s heart has already told him what he needs to do. He knows that he has gotten his great wealth dishonestly. He’s used his government position to take advantage of people who couldn’t defend themselves. Half of everything he now owns has to go. He decides to give it to the poor. But that isn’t enough. He’s going to go to those people he has injured and face them one by one. He’s going to admit that he treated them unfairly and tell them that he’s sorry. After that, he will pay them four times what he has taken. That will pretty much leave him financially bankrupt, but right with God and man.

Sounds a little over the top, doesn’t it? Notice Jesus’ response though. Only after hearing this plan does Jesus say, “You are saved.” Believing in Jesus to forgive us for our sins isn’t just a mental thing. It was not okay for Zack to just tell God that he was sorry for what he had done and keep all the money, leaving those people to go through life wounded and angry. He couldn’t just “repent” mentally. He had to act. That action proved that his faith was real and not just a pretense.

The church today is full of people who think they are right with God, but have never repented in this way. They didn’t do it in the past and they refuse to do it in the present. They just keep accumulating sins against people and “sweeping things under the rug”. Their lives have never changed and they give Christianity a bad name. The scariest scripture of all applies to them (read Matthew 7:21-23).
Jesus taught repentance. God requires it. We need to do it to be free from our own evil. So let’s get to it.


STEP ONE: In your quiet place (you need to designate one even if it is just your closet) sit with your book open and talk to God. Ask Him to reveal the names of those you have harmed in some way. (Hint: you might want to start with your own family members and work out from there).

STEP TWO: Share the list with your accountability partner and pray together for the strength to face these people.
Names What I did What I need to do to make it right Date completed
2. and so on.

STEP THREE: Deal with it. Go see them. Be humble. Make no excuses for your actions. Definitely do not say the word, “but” in your explanation. Tell them that you are now determined to be changed and to become a true disciple of Jesus. Offer them whatever restitution you possibly can, even if it takes you a few years to pay it off. For people you can’t find physically, write them a letter, then sign and seal it. Search for their address and don’t rest until you have taken that letter to the post office. We’re talking about an actual paper letter here, not an email.

STEP FOUR: Pray blessings on these people every day for the next 30 days. Pray that God will heal their inner wound and show them through your act of repentance how Jesus transforms lives.

STEP FIVE: Talk this out with the group, sharing your journal entry and your prayer.



Letting The Past Drift Away

I sat awestruck, aware that I was looking in the face of a true Christian.

The first two Quests dealt with your own sins. This one is focused on the sins of others. Nobody gets through life without being harmed in some way.

There are basically seven ways to be wounded by a person:
1. Physically
2. Sexually
3. Verbally
4. Psychologically
5. Spiritually
6. Economically
7. Socially

Most of us will suffer in each area before our life is over. Some of our injuries are major by anyone’s standards. Many of you have been molested and physically or verbally abused in horrifying ways. God can help you get past that so that you don’t have to define your entire life by those events.

Most of our hurts, however, are just the things that happen in normal social interactions. Rivalries, mean jokes, broken promises, gossip, and false accusations can wound us as deeply as physical violence.

No matter how careful you are you can’t always protect yourself against things like that. The question
is, “What are you going to do with that inevitable pain?” Are you really going to drag it through your life like a huge suitcase that you can’t bear to get rid of?

What’s ironic is that the wounding even often takes just a minute, then it’s over (take being robbed for example). Afterward, we start to think and think about it. In our mind we yell at them. We chew them out. We kill the person. Over and over. Hatred and bitterness seep down deep into our souls causing much, much, much more harm than the original injury. Don’t cherish your bad memories.

A Gift You Receive/ A Gift You Must Give

Your own forgiveness is so wonderful! You are set free! Your past has been erased and you are not guilty any longer in God’s mind. But forgiveness is also a debt. If you want to receive God’s amazing gift of forgiveness you must agree to pass that gift on, releasing others who sin against you. (Read the story in Matthew 18:21-35).

How to Forgive

Forgiving people requires you to list their crimes first. You don’t have to give them an excuse like, “they didn’t mean to hurt me.” None of that matters. State the crime clearly. What did they do and how did it affect you?

Next, release them forever. They never have to apologize or make it right in any way. They owe you nothing. You assign all debt collecting to God. You need to trust that God will make things right in the end and that He will give back anything the devil has stolen from you through others.

This exercise will help.

Let’s paint a mental picture of forgiveness. Imagine a heavy raft, full of hurts done to you. The river is pulling it away from you, but you are gripping it by a thin rope that is cutting your hands and straining your shoulders. Let it go. Watch it float away till it is out of sight. Time will remove it from your life if you will allow it.


STEP ONE: In your quiet place, sit with your book open and talk to God. Ask Him to reveal the name of those who have harmed you in some way. Go slowly. This may take hours and you really need to purge even your oldest memories. Fill in the first three columns below. Write these things down so that your mind will release itself of the need to have them recorded inside your head. You might need more paper.
Names of those who hurt me What they did How it made me feel I forgive them (sign for each one)
3. to 10

STEP TWO: After each memory say quietly, “I forgive you. You are released. Go in peace and find God’s love.” Feel the load lift. Sign your name beside their crime.

STEP THREE: Meet with your group for a list-burning exercise to formally forgive your enemies. Know that God is watching you with a smile. He forgave those who had any part in killing His only Son and you have now chosen to do the same. Eat some food and celebrate the forgiveness of our enemies and your release from the hurts they caused.

STEP FOUR: For the next 30 days pray that God will reach your former enemies and make them find a place of integrity and change through Christ.

STEP FIVE: Talk this out with your group, sharing your journal entry and your prayer.



Seeking Applause from God, not Man

The previous Quests were focused on helping you become free from the darkness and pain of the past. This Quest begins your preparation for a life in ministry to others as a servant of Jesus.


The life of every true disciple is focused on two things:
1. WORSHIPING GOD through using our giftedness for His glory.
2. MINISTERING TO THE LIVES OF OTHERS as Jesus’ representative to them. We aren’t their slaves. We’re His hands extended to meet them at their point of need. We do this to meet their need in order to bring them closer to Him.


If we want to authentically represent Jesus to others by serving them, we have to check our own motives. People do nice things every day, but at the root of it, there is usually some kind of payback being sought.

For example: a wealthy businessman may give millions to build a new children’s hospital, but you can be he will have his name on it when it is done. In our relationship also, kindness to others results in their kindness back to us.

In order to be a true servant of the Lord, we have to do our good deeds for God’s credit alone, and not ours. Jesus said that those things for which we receive credit in this life are “paid in full, “ but those good things we do in secret are moved to God’s account.

For these deeds He will reward us in this life, and more importantly, forever in the life to come. Christ said that on Judgment Day there would be many surprises, as those who did their deeds secretly would be revealed and celebrated by the Father. We must learn to seek honor from God, not man. This will also reduce the pressure we feel to put on a show of spirituality in front of others (that’s hypocrisy).


STEP ONE: In prayer, ask God to show you some people who need some kind of help. Make a plan for how you will help them, and how you will conceal your part in it completely. (Think Christian Ninja). For example, you can send money, flowers, food, or medicine to those who need it. Go alone and give blood at the Red Cross. Type encouraging messages and leave them anonymously. Whatever you do, just make sure nobody can ever know that you did it, not even your accountability partner or small group.

People for whom I am to do a good deeds:
3. up to 7.

STEP TWO: Before you act out the good deed, pray this prayer, “Father, I do this deed as an act of worship to you alone. Please make sure it ministers powerfully to this person and use it to bring them closer to you. May the glory be yours alone.”

STEP THREE: Discuss your journal items with your group at the next meeting and try to understand why we have to fight ourselves so much to avoid seeking credit for even those works done in the name of the Lord.



Making Room for God in the Craziness of Modern Life

In this Quest we will recover the lost art of fasting. Some have become clever with the concept, fasting from TV or from wearing makeup. Those are good disciplines, but FASTING MEANS THAT YOU DON’T EAT FOOD. Do that for even one day and you will feel your “flesh” rise up and try to take back the control that you are exercising over it. (When the Bible speaks of “the flesh”’ it isn’t talking about your skin. It refers to the selfish, pampered inner force that lives within each of us because of the sinful nature we are born with.) The flesh (sinful nature) is, at all times, at war with God (Ro.8:5-8;Gal.5:16-24). It subtly leads us to sin with our words, eyes and thoughts. It is the source of our sinful temptations. When the Spirit of Jesus enters us at the new birth, the absolute power of the flesh is broken. It can’t make us do anything, but it still lives inside us, constantly resisting every move of God. We need to break the flesh down. Fasting is our number one tool.

Stop eating and the flesh will scream. It will tell you that you can’t live one day without food. That’s not true, of course. Unless you are pregnant or diabetic you could fast for a month with no harm as long as you drink fluids. Actually, even on this quest you will not experience true hunger, only the craving for sugars at the time your body has become accustomed to eating. Fasting will allow your body to remove toxins, chemical additives, and diseased cells leaving you clean and healthy on the inside.


In place of eating natural food, fill up with God’s presence. Spend the time journaling, singing worship songs, praying or writing poems. One day a week fasting is a good habit, but don’t become legalistic if you aren’t able to keep it. It’s about gaining more liberty, not guilt over a missed ritual.
Since it is a good work, the secrecy rule applies to fasting also. Unless others are joining you, avoid letting people know that you are fasting or you might just become proud of your discipline. That would stop fasting from doing its real work inside.


The Rules: One day, two nights (36hours) of totally no food, only clear drinks. Drink a lot of water, caffeine-free teas or an electrolyte drink like Powerade, just no soft drinks.

STEP ONE: Prepare for this Quest in advance. Eat light the day before you begin so your system can prepare for shutdown. Get a devotional book to read in your new spare time. Choose your worship music soundtracks for the day. Journal all that the Lord shows you fro His Word. Plan how to spend the hours you would normally be eating. Pick a day with few commitments and outside influences. Choose one issue regarding which you want to get direction from the Lord by the end of the fast.

STEP TWO: Keep the Fasting Day Clutter Free. This is a season in which to hear God speak. He won’t shout so remove all the things that distract you (TV, friends, etc.) Set this time apart exclusively for communion with God.

STEP THREE: Record your experience in your journal. Note any special scriptures that seem to be just
for you today. Some people feel great when they fast. Others struggle all day because of all the noise and clutter in their lives. Either way, persevere and make this a regular practice. Believe God to answer one specific prayer today and pray about it many times. It is your “one request” as you enter His presence with your sacrifice of fasting.

STEP FOUR: Share your day’s experience with your group and choose your next fasting day on your personal calendar.

Spiritual Insights or messages you got from God through fasting:

3. to 6.


Being God’s Hands Extended

Do you love the poor? God does. He sees and is moved by all human suffering. He wants us to feel what He feels for the poor and to do something about it. He wants to extend His hands through ours. Through our wallets, He intends to give them food and medicine. He wants us to open doors of opportunity for them, especially for those who are shut up of society’s normal means of provision (like widows and orphans).

Everyone says that they love the poor. The true test is, again, one of action, particularly actions concerning money. Let’s rephrase the question above. In the last seven days, how much money have you personally given to the poor? Bad week? OK, how about in the last month? See, we all think we love the poor, but most of us do very, very little for them.

In the text below a wealthy young man came to Jesus earnestly seeking an answer to his spiritual emptiness. “What must I do to find life?” he asked. Jesus loved this young man and saw the great potential in his life. He also spotted this man’s hang-up. “You just need to do one thing,” he answered. (Great! One thing! How hard can that be?”) Then he continued, “Go sell all you have and give it to the poor.” At that, the young man choked. Then he lowered his head and sank off into obscurity. We never hear from him again. How powerful money is to dominate our lives and keep us from living truly free!
In this quest, God wants to free you from some of your fear and love of money and give you a chance to truly love the poor in a tangible way. You will remember this Quest for the rest of your life. Hopefully, it will help you begin a lifestyle of sacrificially loving the poor.


STEP ONE: In your prayer place, ask God quietly, “Lord what object do you want from me?” Nothing is out of bounds as long as you are the owner of it. Don’t resist any impulse, but also don’t try to be heroic and automatically give the most expensive thing you have. It isn’t your job to sacrifice for the Lord. It’s your job to obey the Lord.

STEP TWO: He will now tell you the item to sacrifice.
Write it here _____________________________________________________

STEP THREE: Pray something like, “Father, this thing came from you to meet my need and I am delighted that you will now use it to meet the needs of someone else through me. I freely offer this thing to you so that you can use it to bless the poor. Thanks for giving me something to give.”

STEP FOUR: Apply the rule of secrecy. Find a way to secretly give the item itself or the money you get from its sale so that you don’t get any credit for the sacrifice in the eyes of men.

STEP FIVE: Prepare for a financial blessing. It might not come now, but you can anticipate that when God sees that He can send money through you, He will channel more to you. Make a giving plan. Start with tithing. The tithe is 10% of any money that comes to you. It belongs to the Lord as a sacred gift. Commit from this point in your life that you will always bring your tithe to your local church or ministry. If you want to go the second mile, add another percentage as your regular gift for the poor and always set it aside in a special place, giving it away quietly as God shows you where.

STEP SIX: Discuss your experience of this Quest with your group.



Encountering Christ in the Face of the Suffering

Have you ever been miserably sick? Ever had a catastrophic accident or event that tool all your confidence away? This Quest will help you wade into the river of human suffering to minister to someone there.

Within a mile of where you sit right now someone is having the worst day of their life. They are lonely, hurting and scared. They don’t need help next week. They need help now. Whoever walks up to them today will be like an angel out of heaven.

That angel needs to be you.

That’s what the ministry is all about. God’s Spirit knows who is crying out right now. He needs you to listen to Him and actively follow His leadings. If you will go as His representative He will go with you in power and your touch will do miracles.

When you visit the sick, you come as a representative of life and salvation, bringing the medicine of God’s grace in your smile, touch and words. Your eyes bring encouragement and your touch will strengthen them in some way every time. Disciples need to eagerly visit the sick to bring them the medicine of God. Do it cheerfully and in faith and you will see amazing results in the lives of the sick and their families who observe your love for them.


STEP ONE: Prepare for the visit. Pick your partner, the place (someone’s home or a hospital or nursing home) and your time (avoid the early mornings because the doctors will be in and out then). Prepare two encouraging songs to sing to them and a short passage of scripture to read. Get breath mints and disinfectant for your hands before your visit so you don’t bring them fresh germs. (It’s a good practice to disinfect again upon leaving the sick so you don’t carry their germs to others.)

STEP TWO: Go out and minister! Don’t let fear keep you back. Today is not about your being nervous. It’s about the sick and their need for an encouraging visit. This will be an incredible experience! Just follow the rules below.


People in hospitals are generally having a tough and discouraging time in life. Your visit is a powerful sign of God’s love for them. Here are some basic guidelines:

• Do not enter the room without knocking and waiting to hear your permission to enter. They may be on a bedpan or in some other terrible embarrassing situation.
• Do not sit on the bed. Even the slightest bump can bring considerable pain to some patients.
• Do not play doctor. They don’t need our medical opinion on their condition or treatment.
• Do not stay more than 20 minutes.
• Do not break any hospital rules or in any way irritate or criticize hospital staff. You represent the family of God to the hospital. Our continue ministry is in partnership with theirs.
• Do not eat their food. Focus on them.
• Do not pressure people to make immediate commitments to Christ when they are obviously not ready.
• Don’t do anything that could make their condition worse, e.g. telling someone with a broken neck to get out of bed and claim their healing.

• Be cheerful
• Lead them to submit their life to Christ if they are receptive.
• Read a short Psalm or other encouraging scripture to them such as: Old Testament: Psalms 4,8,16, 18:1-3,27,34; 37:3-7,40,42,46; 71:1-9; 118:1-7; 139:1-10; 146:1-5; Isaiah 43:2; NEW TESTAMENT: 1Pe.5:7; 2Thess.3:3; John 14:1-3; Romans 8:35-39; Phil. 4:4-8; 4:13; Col.3:15 and 1Peter 4:12-13.
• Sing something cheerful for them.
• Pray with the patient for their physical condition, emotional well-being and their family (Be faith-filled, sincere and brief). If appropriate, gently hold their hand.
• Remember to minister to their friends and family also. This is a great opportunity to reach the entire family for Christ!
• Be a servant. Ask if there Is any practical thing you can do to help them.
• Follow up with them when they are released and at home. You could be the most important person in their salvation and continuing growth in Christ! Those who follow up when the patient goes home endear themselves to the family forever and earn the right to speak for Christ into their lives.



That Still Voice Will Guide You To Fruitfulness

AJ tells this story; “Right after I got saved I was walking across campus in my high school and saw this girl. A little voice in my head said, ‘ASK HER ABOUT HER ARMS’. I figured it was the Holy Spirit and the timing was perfect since she was in my next class. As I sat down beside her, I noticed that her arms were covered with long sleeves. I asked, ‘Hey, can I see your arms?’

With fire in her eyes she shot back, ‘Who told you!’ ‘Can I see them?’ I persisted. Still angry, she raised her sleeves to reveal a series of deep two inch long X’s carved into her flesh. ‘I want to know who told you’, she insisted. After she had pressured a little further, I told her, ‘God told me, Angela. He loves you and He doesn’t want you to do that to yourself’.

This encounter was part of a series of events that let Angela to Christ and, ultimately, into missions work until this day.”

Inside each disciple there is a little voice that nudges us every now and then. At times, it speaks of important things like; “You and that person shouldn’t be here alone” or “Go eat your lunch at that table.” Some of us listen to that voice. Some of us ignore it totally. The world calls it, “intuition”.

Christians believe that it is the Spirit of God that lives within us.

If we are going to be useful to God as His missionaries we have to learn to listen to that voice. God knows who is discouraged, who is actively seeking for direction in life and who is “under conviction” about their lifestyle right now.

TOUCHING THEM IS JUST A MATTER OF LISTENING TO GOD. He will arrange the coincidences of our lives so that we just happen to sit next to them on a bus or in class or at a food court. We have to be quiet inside and do what the voice says without question.

In Acts 8:26-40, Phillip listened to the voice and was able to lead a high government official to faith in Christ. For the last 2,000 years Ethiopian Christians have traced their spiritual roots to this encounter. God is speaking to you every day. Be still and listen.


STEP ONE: TAWG (time alone with God). Sing a worship song or two, then sit quietly before God and ask Him to speak to you. Write down what you get in the space below.




STEP TWO: Be quiet and observant inside all day. Keep asking, “Am I listening to that voice?”

STEP THREE: Follow your impulses and intuitions all day without second-guessing (assuming of course, that these are not evil impulses or crazy thoughts like walking blindfolded across traffic) and record what happens because of this.

STEP FOUR: Continue this all week, calling your accountability partner to hear each other’s stories and to remind them to keep listening.

STEP FIVE: Share this week’s adventure with your group.


Learning To Love God’s Way

This quest teaches us a little about God’s love. When the Bible was written there was no word to describe the kind of love God gives. We had words for romantic love, motherly care giving, and give-and-take brotherly kindness and goodwill. God’s love goes beyond all that.

To understand God’s love better we need to think about human love, which is basically, “performance-based acceptance.” If someone is friendly and outgoing they will have lots of friends. If you are giving person others will be touched and will also give to you, establishing a wonderful cycle of positive behavior toward one another. This is really the foundation of even our married relationship and our family’s love.

On the other hand, if someone behaves like a jerk, hurting you every time you interact, you won’t have warm, fuzzy feelings. At best, you will move away and at worst, you may resent that person or hurt them. Even parents struggle to maintain positive feelings and words toward a spoiled, selfish child who does not show respect or gratitude.


He is kind to the one who curses Him and sends sunshine and rain on the wicked and the unthankful every day. His love does not require that we love Him back. It has no connection to the worthiness of the person. He loves this way, not as a good work, but because HIS INNER DISPOSITION COMPELS HIM TO LOVE. “God is love.” (1John 4:8) Bible writers called this kind of love, “Agape” (sounds like ah-gah-pay) “God’s kind of love.” Agape love is the deepest core of God’s personality. It caused Him to send Jesus to save us, and it caused Jesus to come and die voluntarily for people who cursed him and for those who curse him still. “God is Agape.”

Agape is a self-sacrificing, unconditional love. It is a one-way love: a LOVE MISSILE that is aimed at a person in hopes of blessing them and transforming their heart. God’s one command for those who want to walk with Him is to love him back with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. He’s already loving us. If we learn to walk in agape love it will free us from every kind of bondage, give us deep inner security in Him, and make us a powerful force on the earth everywhere we go.


Quest for AGAPE LOVE

For each of the next seven days actively look for someone who is unlovely, ungrateful or withdrawn and do some act of kindness to them.

For example, pack an extra lunch and give it to a street person, send an anonymous note of encouragement to the grouch in the office or eat lunch with someone you would never normally want to know. Just fire an unconditional love missile at them expecting nothing back, not even a thank you.

STEP ONE: TAWG(Time alone with God). Ask God to help you to dispense agape to others, especially to the unloving and unlovely. Determine to look for the kind of people you would normally overlook.

STEP TWO: Choose some agape targets each day for personal ministry. Be thankful if they give you nothing in return because this will test that your love is really agape and not just performance – based acceptance.

STEP THREE: Share your insights with your Quest group.



Speaking For Christ Without Pressuring Others or Embarrassing Yourself

I’m an introvert. When I think about witnessing it makes my palms sweat. I hate pushy self-righteous people and don’t ever want to be that to anyone. But one day I lost a big job that I was sure I had. My wife and I had already celebrated and were preparing to move to that place. When I got the news I was embarrassed and devastated emotionally. I remember slumping forward in depression. I just wanted someone to come sit by me. Though many of my friends passed by, nobody did.

Then a guy I hardly knew noticed the look on my face, stopped what he was doing, and came over to me. He put his arm around my shoulder and I teared up (and I’m a tough guy!). He prayed for me, then took the last money out of his wallet and gave it to me saying that God had told him to do it to encourage me. That day totally changed my perspective on witnessing, because it helped me feel again what lost people feel all the time. They have no answers and most really want someone to come help them. If I go in the spirit of that helpful man they will warmly receive me and see me as a true friend for life. That’s how I approach it now and I have led dozens of people to the Lord.

Many believers are scared about sharing their faith with others. They shouldn’t be. If we are excited about our new phone or a trip we are going to take we don’t have any trouble talking about that. Mostly, the problem is in how we think about it. This Quest is designed to get you over your fear of witnessing so you can do it without pressuring others or embarrassing yourself, OK? You already have at least fifty relationships and the people who know you personally are the ones most likely to be impacted by your life. After this ten-week quest they should definitely be seeing a change in you.

The primary rule: don’t ever try to memorize some speech. Your experience with Christ is the most real thing in the world. Just keep it that way. The essential thing when you talk to others is not Bible verses or a “plan of salvation” talk. It’s your story, your life that was changed by Christ. You are a witness that JESUS IS REAL. Your job is to give first-hand testimony about what Christ does when someone lets him in.

Should you just go around witnessing to everyone you meet? Not a bad thought, but it doesn’t usually work well that way. You see, people can be plotted on a chart of spiritual resistance or receptivity. Some are hard and cold toward God and they won’t listen. Some only want to argue about religion. Jesus said to just avoid these people. Then, there is that third group – lost, searching, hungry people. These people may not show it on the outside, but their heart is in turmoil and they are silently crying out in agony to God, though they may not ever say a prayer. God is touched by their pain and He wants to send you to them. They will warmly welcome you. The Holy Spirit will lead them to you through circumstance.

Sometimes, He will put someone on your mind. If that happens, pray for them, then go see them and say, “I’ve been thinking about you lately and I think I am supposed to tell you what has happened to me.” Simply tell them your story. You don’t have to pretend to be perfect or to understand it all. Just describe what has been happening to you because of meeting Jesus. Then, have the courage to ask them if they think this is for them too. Say something like, “Would you like for me to help you pray for Jesus to come inside and give you a new life too?”

THEN THE DECISION IS UP TO THEM. From that point on, work to build a closer relationship with these persons. They are your sheep and you will have to help disciple them. You will need to get them into a healthy church and discipleship group once they accept Christ.


With At Least One Person Each Day This Week

STEP ONE: Get alone with God. Spend some time thinking slowly about all the ways Jesus has changed and improved your life. Worship and thank Him for this. Ask Him who you should talk to today. If nobody comes to mind, then just keep your eyes open today. He will put someone in your path. Plan to spend extra time in places where people hang out after praying, “Father, send me someone today who needs your help.”

STEP TWO: Tune into people. Don’t talk so much. Listen. Ask questions. Try to hear their heart speaking in all the nonverbal cues. As you learn to put them first all the time God will be able to use you more as His agent. Anyone who shares a problem with you is automatically someone you should witness to.

STEP THREE: When you find your assigned person, just brag on Jesus. Tell them what he has done for others. Tell them what he has done for you. Tell them he can do these things for them and that you believe it is no accident that you are together talking about this. God has a plan for their lives and He sent you to invite them to have a changed life.

STEP FOUR: Offer to pray for them on the spot. If they are totally open to receiving Christ, you can lead them in a short prayer asking Jesus to forgive their sins, come into their life, take control and begin transforming their character into his character. If they aren’t ready for that kind of prayer then just pray for them and their problem.

STEP FIVE: Follow up, follow-up. Always be sure to swap contact details. It may take time before they are ready to receive Christ. Your ongoing friendship will make a big difference. Don’t leave a newborn spiritual baby in the street. If you lead someone to Christ you are now the one responsible to help them get the help they need to grow up in Christ. Basically, just take them along with you and get them hooked into your Christian friendship circle. Those relationships will do more for their development than anything else.



By: Chuck Quinley