When God Is Silent

Show your marvelous loving-kindness by Your right hand, O You who save those who trust in You. - Psalm

Why is God sometimes silent in the midst of our suffering? Why is it that even when we pray with the right motives and seek that which seems good, there is no answer?

We can take comfort in knowing that no less than Elijah and the apostle Paul - among the other great saints of the past - didn't have all their prayers answered. Receiving a response from God has nothing to do with your spiritual stature. God doesn't play favorite. Rather, He answers prayers according to His master plan for our lives.

It is in the times God does not answer that we have an opportunity to say, "Father, I don't understand, but I trust you." It is this kind of dependence and faith that God desires to build in us.

When it seems as though God is not hearing us, our perspective should not be, "What can I do to get my prayer answered?" but rather, "What might God be doing through this to draw me closer to Him and make me more useful to Him?"

My Own Personal Reflection:

You are the strength that keeps me walking 
You are the hope that keeps me trusting
You are the light to my soul 
You are my purpose 
You're everything

My friends, don't get tired of waiting God's answer to our prayers. God has perfect time in granting all our prayers. Be patient. He sees what's ahead of us and our future. He knows what's good or what's bad on us. 
So we just let Him control everything for our lives. We must give our 100% trust on Him. He is our God anyway and our Master. He knows better than us 

So keep waiting, don't stop waiting. Coz everything has it's own time.

With our faith, we cannot be dismayed. He will grant everything ,all our prayers in His glory!



Everywhere and in all things I have learned both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:12-13

"If only my circumstances were different, I would be so much happier, " we say.

We wish for a better job, house, or car. We complain about our looks, our limitations, our lot in life. Perhaps our marraige has encountered difficulties, our children make parenting a challenge, or our health is declining. Or perhaps our lives have been shattered in some truly unimaginable way and, in bewilderment, we cry out, "God, why did You allow this to happen to me?"

And what if we can't change our circumstance? that often leaves us feeling helpless. And hopeless. That's exactly where God wants us - at the point of total dependence upon Him. Only He can give us what it takes to persevere when life is terribly messed up.

Even when Paul was hungry and suffering, he could still say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Why? Because he had learned the power of letting go of all circumstances and clinging to God alone.

My Own Personal Reflection:

This is absolutely true my friends! 
No difficult problems that Father God through His Son Jesus Christ can not solve it. No sickness that He cannot heal. No bad siituations that He cannot reverse it to good. All we need is our 100% trust on Jesus alone. In times of sufferings, pains and miseries, don't be cold and be dismayed. Cling on Jesus. Be blessed because in suffering Jesus is there for you. Whispering to Him for help, He will be there to help and rescue you. All you need is to be humble and be honest to yourself, that you cannot do it alone of solving all your problems by yourself. We are only humans, no power to fight these odd circumstances in our lives. Call on to Jesus Christ now! He alone can help you and no other else will.

He is waiting for you now! 

He is so excited listening to your stories. Update Him in your daily activities everyday through your prayers.

God bless us all!




Happy is he whose hope is in the LORD his God. – Psalm 146:5 

If there is any one thing that can help sustain us through life’s trials, it is hope. Biblical hope is not a mere optimism or cheerfulness in spite of our circumstances. Rather, it is a deep-seated confidence that God will orchestrate all things in our lives so they work out for our ultimate good.

It is hope that helps take our eyes off the pain of the moment and focus them instead on who God’s is and what He can do. It is hope that enables us to look beyond our inability and trust His ability. It is hope that reminds us our mortal bodies will one day become immortal.

Hope tells us there is coming a day when we will know perfect and unending peace, joy, and happiness. When we allow hope to reside in our hearts, it makes the cares of this world grow dimmer and the treasures awaiting us in heaven grow brighter.

Hope is not just wishful thinking. God can do and will do what He promises. The greater your confidence in that truth, the greater the hope you will know. 

My Own Personal Reflection:

My friends, this is very true. In everything that we do and any circumstances that we are dealing with, always have hope in your heart. We have to remember always that we are not alone in this world. Sometimes we are alone but we are not lonely because God is always with us to comfort us in times of sorrows,hardships and sufferings. Please don't be cold in fighting life. Our life is a cycle. Sufferings and problems are normal in our lifetime. Everyone is experiencing it, not even one is exempted to it. What we only do is to be strong and always hope for the Lord that whatever happens everything will be alright because God is always for the rescue. Sometimes it will take time that God will answer our prayers, but be patient to wait for His time. He knows what to do. And He has plan for everything to happen in your life in His own time.





Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. - Psalm 30:5

Has your suffering reached the point where you have thought about giving up on God? Or asking Him to leave you alone?

Consider your options. If you give up on God, where are you going to go? Who can you turn to for help? Ultimately, there are only two paths available. You can depend on either human resources or divine ones. And any help you might receive from people will never come close to that which God can do for you.

So giving up on God doesn't seem such an attractive option, does it?

No matter how many things are going wrong in your life, as a Christian, you will always have these things going right for you: God loves you. Nothing can separate you from Him. He will never leave you. And He has an inheritance waiting in heaven for you.

Don't wander from God. If you stay close to Him all through the darkness, then you'll find yourself close to Him whem daybreak finally comes.

My Own Personal  Reflection:

Be patient to wait in God's time of answering your prayer in asking for help. Don't stop waiting. Don't give up on God, with all these hardships and sufferings your are experiencing now, keep holding on Him. Please don't be cold, keep your faith burning everyday. You are almost there! To the final stage of testing of your faith. 
Every new believer must all passed this process. Keep on loving God. Keep on hoping. And keep on believing on God's power and love working on you. Rewards are great to those who persevere and endure of God's testing.

 God bless us all!




Be strong and of good courage, do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go. - Joshua 1:9

Fear - whether imagined or real - can cause you to fall into the sin of doubting God. And when you doubt Him, you become worried and anxious. This, in turn, will rob you of your joy and peace.

When you are afraid of your circumstances, you can safely say you have not placed your confidence in God. Fear and trust cannot coexist at the same time in your heart. When confronted with fear, you need to make a deliberate choice and say you will "be strong and of good courage", and "not be afraid." Why? Because "God is with you wherever you go." With Him at your side, victory is assured.

Don't give fear a foothold in your heart. When you recognize it for what it is, surrender it immediately. And turn your thoughts to what God is capable of doing.

When you replace your fear with trust, you'll know the wonderful inner peace that comes from resting in God's care and strength.

My Own Personal Reflection:

Not having a full trust to the Lord. You cannot receive the full graces that intended for you in your entire stay here on earth.





We know that all things work together for good to those who love God. - Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28 is perhaps one of the most frequently quoted verses in the Bible...and one of the more misunderstood passages.

What it's not saying: It's not saying all things are good. It's not saying that bad things will somehow become good. And it's not saying our lives will be free of trouble, always filled with good.

What it is saying: God has the power to somehow, in ways we don't understand, take the challenges, the difficulties, the pains of life, and forge beautiful results from them. These results can include greater patience, stronger faith, deeper trust, purer motives, truer humility, nobler desires, and a more God-centered life.

Bad will still happen. But somewhere, somehow, good will be drawn out of it. That's God's promise to those who love Him.


My Own Personal Reflection:

To those who love God more dearly, your life here on earth will always be light. If anything happened? At anytime? Jesus will always rescue and help. Try Jesus now friends! You will see for yourself what I am always talking here all about, about Jesus.



Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. -James 1:12NIV

As children of God, we have two basic choices about how we respond to our trials. We can complain about the difficulties they bring upon us, or we can thank our heavenly Father for the ways in which they refine us.

How can our problems turn out to our lasting good? One way is that they loosen our attachment to this world and turn our focus upon the things in heaven. Another is that they cause us to examine our hearts and make sure we haven't neglected some secret sin within. And then there's the fact affliction helps strengthen our faith. The soldier who has gained experience through increasingly intense battles is the one who becomes the most proficient warrior. Likewise for the Christian - the more our faith has been tried, the more mightily God can use us.

How much better it is to endure trials than to evade them! Pray that God will sanctify your sorrows ...and use them for His divine purposes.


My Own Personal Reflection:

I hope this can help you all my friends.And this is the truth. Trials help to strengthen us and make us become more closer to Jesus Christ. To experience trials, we can take part in Jesus sufferings too and become more humble and willing to come to Him in asking for help. Because with Him alone we can find our refuge and receive overflowing graces in us if we follow His will everyday.

God bless us all!